The Aurora of Cullera

Imagen de La Aurora de Cullera

Cullera celebrates its patron saint festivities dedicated to the Mare de Déu del Castell, the Virgin of the Incarnation or the “Aurora of Cullera” as the Patroness in the town.

The festival of the Aurora of Cullera involves eight intense days full of religious acts, emotion, music, cultural celebrations and great admiration that always start on the Saturday after Easter until the Sunday of the following week. This year it will take place from April 7, the day on which the tradition “baixà” is made, the descent of the Mare de Déu in a nocturnal procession, from the castle to the church of the Santos Juanes and will culminate on April 15 with its subsequent celebration of the Aurora, the most representative act and that marks the end of the festivities.

In the “Night of the Aurora” is perhaps the commemoration that attracts the most visitors of all the festivities of Cullera. The essence of this can be seen throughout the processional journey in which the Virgin is transported through the neighborhood of San Antonio and there, at sunrise the image is paraded by fishermen and sailors to the seashore. It is a real spectacle the visual effect that arises while entering with the Virgin of the Castle, the boats anchor in front of San Antonio beach accompanying them in the background the fireworks, with the recitation of the rosary of musical thread and behind the sun coming out , the Aurora. The festivities culminate with the processional rise of the image of the Virgin of the Castle to its Shrine.

Aurora of Cullera Procession

During the wait of this magnificent moment the neighbors of the town and all the visitors spend the evening lighting fires, eating, drinking and enjoying the musical concerts of the moment. This year, April 14 at 11pm. a new edition of the “Nit de la Aurora Medusa Festival” will be held in the “La Rada” parquin, in which 5 well-known DJs will participate, among them the king of the Valencian night Chimo Bayo, who will guarantee a show of the highest level.

If you have not experienced these celebrations in person, you cannot miss them.

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