Top 10 Best Things to Do in Cullera

Cullera is a highly popular summer destination in Spain with long sandy beaches, a bustling town center and numerous attractions, both old and new. Here are the 10 best things to do in Cullera while you are here:

1. Award-winning San Antonio beach

Of the 11 beaches in Cullera this beach is the most popular and is full of bars, restaurants, kids play areas and a wide array of water sports. Beach beds and umbrellas can be rented.

2. Castle of Cullera

The ancient castle of Cullera was built in the 15th Century by Moorish forces to provide security and control for the town of Cullera and the surrounding areas.

3. Bioparc Valencia

An animal park that that offers visitors the opportunity to delve into habitats of wilderness where animals live in social groups of their own kind and with other compatible species, as occur in nature.

4. Circuit Ricardo Tormo

Opened in September 1999, it’s a circuit inside a stadium and is an award- winning racing circuit which has won the three motorcycling world championships, two best World Superbikes championship awards and one award for the best Truck Grand Prix.

circuit Ricardo Tormo

5. Aquopolis Cullera Water park

Just a 10 minute drive away is the Cullera water park. It offers fun for the whole family with exciting rides like the Black Hole, Crazy Cobra and the mini zigzag. It offers a Mini Park for young children.

6. Sanctuary of the Virgen del Castillo

Within the castle this 19th century sanctuary can be found. The Festival of the Virgen del Castillo is celebrated in Spain the week after Passover.

7. Church of Saint Johns

An old temple built on top of an even older Gothic temple. The temple has recently been restored.

8. Torre del Marenyet

This old watchtower was erected on the Júcar river to protect Cullera from raiding Pirates.

9. Cave of Dragut

This cave depicts the conquest of Cullera by Berber forces. Curiously the cave takes its name from Dragut a famed Ottoman admiral who is said to have visited the cave.

10. Abric Lambert Cave Paintings

Located on the North-West side of the Mountain, these paintings depict several human and animal figures. They were discovered and named after Lambert Oliver.

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